Simplify Provider Enrollment. Get Paid Faster. Reduce costs.

EnrollSimply is a secure web-based app that instantly enables healthcare organizations to quickly streamline provider enrollment with applicable payers in an easily trackable process.

Reduce Revenue Losses and Payment Delays

How much are provider enrollment delays and administrative costs hurting your revenue?
Chances are, it’s more than you think. Provider enrollment is a time consuming and costly chore. It literally costs medical groups, practices and hospitals millions of dollars in losses from manual processes, aging receivables, and non-receivables when an application is not filled out correctly.

These are losses to your bottom line revenue that EnrollSimply can help you reduce immediately.

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Eliminate Manual Processes and Reduce Enrollment Turnaround Time

Running a practice is stressful enough. Stop losing hours hunting for paperwork and enrollment status updates. Just because providers require all kinds of paperwork forms, doesn’t mean you cannot automate your process to save time, money and‎ hassle.

Cut through all the red tape and rid yourself of the mounds of paperwork and confusion with insurance companies. Use EnrollSimply to automate your process with clear visibility and tracking to get enrolled with providers faster and more successfully.

Currently over 15,000 providers are processed, enrolled and revalidated with EnrollSimply every year.